Invited Speakers and Topics

Invited Speakers and Topics

1. Prof. Dr. Christine Wrenzycki (Germany)
“Reproductive biotechnologies in cattle reproduction: Current status and future perspectives..”

2. Prof. Dr. Heinrich Bollwein (Switzerland)
“Extended lactation in high-yielding dairy cows: effects on reproductive performance and milk production”
“Prognosis of conception in dairy cow showing a clinical endometritis”

3. Dr. Uwe Küchenmeister (Germany)
“Embryo transfer in cattle in Germany – how is it organised,equipment, investment and results”
“Experiences in performing embryo transfer as a routine in the field, how to handle donors and recipients”

4. Theo J. G. M. Lam DVM PhD (Netherlands)
“Preventive mastitis management”
“Optimize antimicrobial use of mastitis in dairy cattle”

5. Prof. Dr. Marc Drillich (Austria)
“Current concepts of (endo)metrtis in dairy cows”

6. Prof. Dr. Jos Noordhuizen (France/Austria)
“Herd Udder Health Management Plan on Dairy Farms”
“Calf management in the dairy herds”

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Date of the Congress
11-14 November 2021
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